Studley and Astwood Bank.
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In memory of Reg Bagby.

His passion for railway transport began very early in Reg's life, most of the older generation had a job on the railway, therefore they lived close to their work, so the interest was fired up. At around the age of five he received a O gauge Hornby clockwork set which travelled at about 200 mph, later presented a live steam loco, couldn't remember what make only that it was red and was fired with meths, but this vanished shortly after starting a fire in the house. The next set was three rail electric, after the start of the second world war the transformer burnt out, so that became a lost cause.

A busy day at Studley & Astwood Bank.

A few years after the war, he was working and managed to save enough cash to collect two rail OO, this lasted a year or so until he sold it and then bought Trix Twin, this was then sold when he was called up for military service in 1950.

Another view of Studley & Astwood Bank.
Years passed by, in 1979 he bought some N gauge Grafar stock and track, not to play trains, but as a moving vehicle to test out a theory for machine control. The bug bit again, so the railway was born again, the present fixed layout was a progression from then until now, there are three stations on the layout, Studley & Astwood Bank is a scratch build of the now redundant station on the Barnt Green to Ashchurch line, the other two are figments of my imagination.
Foxcote Junction.
The American scene had captured his imagination, he had three four foot modules and a corner module, we meet to run these, see American on the website for more information. He also was a shareholder in the Sussex Border Railway, which is doing the exhibition rounds at the moment and was usually found somewhere behind operating it.
Newtown GWR.